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Paradox of Perception-किचड या गिली मीटी की खूशभू


The painting has two components of wet mud and leaves fallen in it. A positive mind may percieve it as a red, bright, unique shaped leaves in the wet mud which smells of rain and freshness of the change of season. On the other hand some might percieve it as decaying leaves in marshy land with no hope of life and no reason to survive in wet mud that can't hold anything and is sticky. Happiness, peace or satisfaction of soul is a Paradox of it's Perception'. Human mind is cluttered with circumstances and social belongings. No matter how much a person tries to be unaffected or ignore them but they influence this through process and actions. In any case it is the perception towards these which can be a key role to the minds happiness to keep the soul at peace and content. The painting thus talks about this Perception'

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