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Desert Rains House

The “dessert rains house” is of a family moving from the Saudi to India to settle in Mumbai.

A transition from the hot, dry, rough weather, camels, sand to the cool breeze, green, rains, wet mud and fishes. A journey from yellow, mustards and brown to the greens, blues, and soothing whites. “We like the camels and we want an aquarium in the house” was Mr. Shindes first line in the list of his requirements” “We like mustard but we love green,” says the Mrs. Shinde “We like the raw woody look and rough wall texture but we also want it trendy like denim jeans,” said the sons. How could one derive a common concept with such sentences of diverse meanings in our client discussions?

The experiments with colours, textures, and finishes brought us through. As one enters into the house, there is the fragrance of the families' past memories intact within the raw, rough finishes and captured safely in the shades of mustard with images identifying their far land as a part of the house. As one moves around there a slow transition of the elements of their new surroundings articulated with their likes of the new place. The son's room has the woody wardrobes fashioned with the denim walls and red “ manu” rollers while the master bedroom has the balcony breeze and raindrops as its focus experienced so close as never before by the people who had seen sand storms. The guest room is their favorite greens with trees as the backdrop and the leaves on the sheers where Mrs. Shinde reads by the window sipping her cup of coffee and nostalgic of her old house and yet happy to be in her new one. All has continuity like a narration of “their journey”, to their guests and a surprise they enjoy every day while they enjoy the spacial feel created in every corner of their house.

We named it “THE DESSERT RAIN HOUSE”. The journey of building it was an exciting experience with surprises like rains in a dessert.

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