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Indian oil wished to highlight the fact that they are using lots of new energy-efficient technologies to make their products.

We have tried to express these ideas through...                   

BKC Indian Oil
Fab Tech India

It was an office where there was a height of 14.6 ft. on each floor. As it was earlier a factory unit. The floor was 100ft x 50ft. There were two floors like this. Instead of making one floor a factory and one office we made


SOTC was a travel agency office.

To highlight the concept of traveling and looking at various cultures, environment, and architecture, a wall was created which displayed these ideas and...


The design concept was focused on this theme, which Imprints architects metaphorically represented with creating an abstract tree with its trunk and branches beginning in the reception space and its foliage spread in the entire ceiling depicted by green hexagons growing towards the conference room...


Name Of Project :- Healthy Steps

Project Type :- Pediatric Clinic

Client Name :- Mr. Rajesh Mankare

Location :-  Pune

Healthy Steps
Imprints Architects

A studio where we believe in 'creating leaders than followers'. A space to brainstorm new and unique designs. Using the trash we designed this studio...


Project - Livana Boutique
Area - 350 sq feet
Location - Belapur, Navi Mumbai

Livana Boutique
Magic Of Green 

Location :- Tardeo, Mumbai

Name of Project :- Magic of green

Client Name :- Mr. Mehul Malani

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