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Fab Tech India
It was an office where there was a height of 14.6 ft. on each floor. As it was earlier a factory unit. The floor was 100ft x 50ft. There were two floors like this. Instead of making one floor a factory and one office we made it as a overlooking space. We made half a floor into a office accessible from the front lavish foyer and a separate entrance for the workers using the factory area. The office was made into two levels accommodated into 15ft. height with a double height entrance and the stairs are a part of it.
The cabins and main staff is on first level while the conference and the back office staff is on the upper level. The entire space is overlooking the factory as its easier to connect visually and work as the production and material check and dispatch are connected. The purpose of having two contradicting functions of a factory with corporate office is achieved.
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