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Acreative person is crucial in expressing thoughts and giving them a physical form. His ingenuity is capable of doing so in an elegant and organic manner. He nurtures a layman's thoughts by fostering them organically and sustaining the environment, much like a plant in the soil matures into a tree that bears fruit and provides shade and purity to the air it breaths.

कला ka Kalaakar

Human soul is sometimes in a long journey searching for joy and happiness. In the process he tries to make artificial colours of life

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रang-Colours of Life
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The painting has two components of wet mud and leaves fallen in it. A positive mind may percieve it as a red, bright, unique shaped leaves in the wet mud which smells of rain and freshness of the change of season.

On the other hand some might percieve it as decaying leaves in marshy land with no hope of life and no reason to survive in wet mud that can't hold anything and is sticky.

​Paradox of Perception-
किचड या गिली मीटी की खूशभू

One day a child had no new toys to play with. There was a dustbin filled with crumpled waste paper and made a boat out of it. He then put the boat in water, hoping that his desires would be granted by God. 


The earth is screaming to survive and the artwork shows the downward falling of concrete buildings sympathising earth by growing sustainable built forms and bringing life back to it. The art work is ma e out of the rods which are use in rein orce concrete building construction.

Screams Of Survival

Two different people having few things in common come together and blend to a new weaved beautiful companionship. The yellow and red are two different color which blend to make orange which is weaved by golden sticks

सफेद ki khoj

Where there lives hope, all negativity turns into positivity. Gold depicts hope and it covers all black depicting negativity to white which depicts positivity.

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