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Hotel Royal Palace,

The lounge bar was designed for a place where the office people relax after work.

The concept was derived from the mining culture. The miners gathered in a old inn to relax and drink after their hectic day.

We took elements from ...

Hotel Royal Palace,

The location of this is in the centre of corporate office buildings.

The hotel is a destination to relax and cut off from the regular day. So the idea was to ...

Petal Spa

The aesthetics was derived as the nave suggests from petals of a flower. The central space has a light which was made by a cutout of flower and since it had a large space , it cast shadows of a flower on the walls. The larger wall had ...

Spa  Design
Hotel Green Star

Hotel green star, project is a renovation work. Adding 15 rooms to the existing one.

Hotel Renovation Design

The project is located in Alibaug.

It is a resort cum Residential Villa..

Resort Design
Alibaug Villa Resort
Ayurveda Healing Centre

The Ayurvedic Centre is located near Mangalore in a green and serene atmosphere. Nature and tradition are in perfect harmony at this peaceful locale.  

Ayurveda Centre Design
Pearl  Resort

The pearl resort draws a relation between the traditional haveli and modern architecture .....

Resort Design
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