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Hotel Royal Palace


the location of this is in the centre of corporate office buildings. The hotel is a destination to relax and cut off from the regular day. So the idea was to contrast this building from the surroundings and stand out suggesting an activity different then the surrounding urban setup.


While the planning the façade as well as the internal rooms, the challenge was the services. There were most of the pipes as well as the ac units on the façade the offices had covered these with aluminum coated sheets, but we used the effect of wooden battens with spacing which covered the services as well as they created ventilation and gave it more of a hotel inn then a solid box. These were backlit to address the cost as well as the rains , we used coated aluminum box sections. The internal space had a long godown look as it was used for storage before. There was no natural light and it looked like a dead space spanning with ventilation only on two walls. We created a central cut out in the slab and hid the columns within the walls of the rooms. The central skylight brought in an interesting natural lit foyer spreading light into the corridors as well as making it look like a taller building, giving more space. The corridor had a long ceiling to accommodate the service pipes. The interior are done in a stone grey finish breaking free from the regular wood feel, with traditional design tiles on the floor.

The foyer double height is enhanced with a long hanging light emphasizing the height more than the length. It also connects the kitchen and back staff to rest without creating narrow service passages.
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