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Live It Up

The lounge bar was designed for a place where the office people relax after work.

The concept was derived from the mining culture. The miners gathered in an old inn to relax and drink after their hectic day.

We took elements from such an inn like iron arches, the spider webs, the tyres, etc.

The space has a mezzanine for the people who want to enjoy their drink with less noise and activity. Under this is the bar and the rest space is double-height overlooking space keeping in mind the crowd. A part of the upper level has the DJ overlooking the lower level which is used as a dance floor so the furniture in the central area is all movable. The upper level is made more transparent by using the spider web design which also serves as railing but does not look like one. The spider does not give up and the drinks do the same to office people. The spirit of live it up is addressed.

The sitting in the waiting is made out of coloured old tyres and the lighting on the dance floor is done by the hand lamps used by car mechanics. The front is done with MJ and other singers suggesting music and dance ambience inside from the outside bringing a connection for the customers.

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