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Petal spa



The space for this spa and beauty salon was a narrow passage like. A volume of 8ft. width and soft long. But the 15ft height could be exploited to create an ambience of intersecting overlooking pockets which opened into a double weight central space.

The common activity of hair styling was accommodated into the central space, the hair styling stations were placed dividing the space instead on in a line on a wall to make optimum use of the length. The ladder was a redo of a storage cabinet. It was multifunctional creating a storage as well as climbing to the upper floors.

The first half had a reception with the bridal section above it. The last half had services with the hair wash, pantry with main spa selection above. So instead of creating compartments like in a train, we enhanced the space by using the volume effectively.




The aesthetics was derived as the nave suggests from petals of a flower. The central space has a light which was made by a cutout of flower and since it had a large space , it cast shadows of a flower on the walls. The larger wall had the flowers randomly falling from the upper level and the walls more textured to create a outdoor stone cladded wall. The floor was done in a dark black so all the colours of flowers that was usually used in the spa fragrance were highlighted.

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