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Livana Boutique

Project - Livana Boutique
Area - 350 sq. feet
Location - Belapur, Navi Mumbai
Concept -  ‘Tailors workshop by giving justice to the real creators behind all the fashion garments.’
The entire set up is enveloped with elements like sewing machine, tree branches, designer motifs, button -needle and trunks.
The traditional tailors workshop environment was incorporated through a cut out in the ceiling - designed in motifs which usually tailors use and the trunks in which they stored garments .
The Tree truck used for hanging designer cloths emphasizes the trees under which the tailors used to stitch.
Nowadays the tailors working behind the fashion garments are hidden and only glamor is highlighted however we have tried to showcase both by creating a balance between the designers as well as the tailors by showcasing the various elements in the interiors.

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