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Fusion House

The colorful wood house: The house is designed for a family with 3 different generations born, brought up and staying at different places. It was difficult to come up with a theme until we designed the entire house with their images of the life they’ve lived and finally the concept emerged as a blend of the southernmost culture of India and the style and bustle of the city of Mumbai. Though the common to both ideas was the use of wood. Wood used in the traditional houses of south and the wood found in the rustic looking pubs and classic British backdrop of Mumbai culture. While we used wood to create modern as well as traditional rich ambiance, we brought together the columns as well as the elements of stone, metal, fabrics and images of both the places through wall paper, artificial stone, texture, ceramics, laminated laser cuts and real wood to complete the pictures of our imagined ideas creating the expressive images that talked about the individuals of this family. The old parents room has black and gold completed with its combination to the plain while giving beauty to the simple white. To add to the colors and bold highlights the richness of the south of India, a collage is created of the images of kathakali, vibrant images of elephants and the traditional temple in which the family has deep faith in. The young couples room has the deep wood finish with a classy old wood ceiling with stylish lights replicating the British backdrop of the typical Mumbai spaces with a vintage look to it. The room has highlights of raw texture space with antique gold metallic feel to it to complete the vintage look. The black bathroom also is a bold expression to its highlight of copper to add to its vintage look. The living space is simple and straightforward blended expression of the South Indian settled family adapted to Mumbai as their home. The love of wood as nostalgic images of south Indian homes and its designer details transforming to the rustic glimpse of the life of Mumbai. A bar combined with a low sitting to enjoy the informal leisure of drinking and the wooden panels with vintage step border ceiling that adds to the bustle of a party or can multi functionally create a subtle mood for a traditional South Indian gathering rendered with a water fountain and green corner to connecting the outside and inside.

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