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Pitched Roof Shelter

This project was in the hills of Khandala and a second weekend home for a family who wanted to be in nature after the hectic Mumbai life. To provide them with an

 Aesthetically appealing

 Climatically sound

 Cost effective

 Simple to execute

 Make it less time consuming to construct It was with reference to the context (site).

The scenic beauty was addressed by a glass box enveloped in steel. The soil was rocky and sloping and so machines and labourers were expensive so we decided steel as we did not want deep foundations by blasting the rocks and we could use the natural slope and create a lightweight structure within the guidelines of the bylaws of the government. As the climate has 5-6 months of rain, we had less time to construct after getting the plans approved by the local body and steel was fast and easy to execute saving on time. The sloping roof in steel was the iconic element and protected the house from rains instead of concrete flat roofs. It gave a free, large, unobstructed internal plan and visually light structure enhancing the spatial effect as well left us funds to develop the garden with interesting water bodies for rainwater harvesting.

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