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Primary School, Karjat

The school was in a land on the outskirts of Mumbai. The students had a orphanage as well as hostels on campus and those children would be studying here away from their families. A greater responsibility of general grooming was on the owners and so we decided to make this building slightly different than the normal four storied school building adding the meaning of the word to the form of the building. We came up with a concept of a ‘knowledge tree’. We developed the building in the form of a tree. The inner court had staggering corridors like the various levels in a tree.

Also the insert was in a beautiful natural green surroundings of mountains. Making an insert of a box was contradicting the context. So to merge this in the surroundings was beneficial with the tree form.

The building is supposed to work on solar panels and the planters are watered by drip irrigation. Apart from that the water harvesting is facilitated by the terrace and the green fields for the sports ground are watered with this water.

Thus creating awareness and sensitivity to the students towards nature.

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