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Rope House

A 2000 Sq. ft. 3 BHK in Navi Mumbai. “A house with a joint family with spaces where the old parents feel at home in every corner and the children feel curiosity at every space”.


ENTRANCE - the foyer and the living are connected by a subtle partition designed with the cables which creates a physical demarcation and yet creates a visual connect. The main door handle adds to the idea. The safety door grill was designed to break free from the normal rectangle window and to see the Buddha through its lotus , the water and the bamboo while one enters the house. As the set up brings an outdoor feel, it also enlightens the spiritual associations like peace, calm and serenity to the house. The entrance dome has traditional plaster of Paris carvings of creepers and the reflective black glass on the metallic silver wall adds to the natural tone of materials used.


LIVING- As one enters here the scene comes to life with the sound of flowing water. The whole set of outdoor elements bring a feeling of entering into a space far away from the city, a peaceful space which makes you feel at home after a long day.


The raw elements of nature are used to introduce a traditional touch to the rustic theme which brought a connection between the two generations and the same elements are made a little playful to the youngest generation.


A part of the living has an informal sitting. The water fountain is an extension to the sitting. The base of the sitting serves the functionality of storage. The back of the sitting has a hidden bar. At times the sitting becomes a part of the Indian set up and at other times it becomes a space to have a drink with young friends. The ferns motifs compliment the outdoor feel with the water and the lotuses and in evenings work as a dim lit place to create an evening mood for a party. The back rest opens to form a bar table. The back rest otherwise has a cut work of a lotus motif which is back lit looking like a fixed panel and adding to the overall metallic feel in gold as well as complimenting the space with a traditional pattern adding royalty to it. When the bar is opened, the cut work creates interesting shadows on the ceiling and the floor which adds to the mood.


MASTER BED ROOM - The rustic traditional bricks and wooden feel on the wardrobe sliders was used to bring classism and style of the young couples room and avoid the bulk of storage. It helps to connect it to the outside and gives a soothing outdoor effect. The room is on the 12th floor with a view to a garden with a big fountain. Master bedroom has with a floor space for the child to play and read on the floor instead of just indoors.


SON'S ROOM - The son is fond of reading and has deep fascination for the cars. The parents have collected all kinds of cars and treasured every car from his childhood. Instead of creating a showcase to display these 1000 odd cars, a window was created which shows cars lined up to race as he has been playing on his computer and seen in the showrooms and in the traffic on the road. In the sons room the wood was playfully used to make a knowledge tree as well as wooden free flowing ceiling which had an interesting play of light and shadow.


GRANDPARENT'S ROOM - The grandparents room needed a night lamp and to bring a continuity to the theme we designed the bed back gold wall. At night the backlit wooden lotus box remains on with a dimmer which can at times also be used to light up the room by increasing its intensity. The niches on the wardrobe work as handles to the sliders and make it look like a white wall instead of storage bulky boxes. A house finally which has brought connection of different elements of two different concepts together bringing strength to the spatial as well as spiritual elements.

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