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She is an architect graduated with a gold medal from CEPT Ahmedabad. She has also done her design course in interior design from CEPT Ahmedabad. She had been offered a scholarship on merit and studied at ‘School of Architecture, Bergdorf, Switzerland.

She has executed a research paper into colour science and graphics with its application and effects in the third dimension which reflects in her sensitive use of colour to enhance and give finishing touches to her forms and spaces.

Her motto: “The journey of creation is equally important as the final design”

She started the company from scratch and did all sorts of ground level work to understand closely the practicalities of execution to her challenging and unique designs. She took the initiative to execute knowing the realities of all the difficulties with construction in India and now has delivered more than 100+ key projects.


Shared architect’s world with:

She worked with Martin and Stoumn architects, Langnau, Switzerland.

She is privileged to have, research and design studio experiences with BV Doshi, Anant Raje, Miki Desai and Gurjeet Singh Matharoo.


Other interests:

She has explored teaching arts and crafts to blind girls and slums school children. She has taught Design Studio at school of architecture, Rajkot and is presently teaching Design at D Y Patil, School of Architecture

Born to be an architect, having done schooling in a CONVENT she won state level as well national level drawing, creative arts and painting competitions and was sensitive to musical instruments learning, sports and writing books. Her determination and hard work rewarded by her being one student who scored 100/100 in mathematics and stood third in the boards.


Keys to her personality:

 Clients like her for her patience and sensitive approach to understand every detail of clients conversation and executional skills to deliver in said time and budget.

Her aim is to contribute a meaningful approach to the process of designing and create unique "Imprint" of the client's individuality into his spaces and form, which largely differs from the contractor approach as well as other designers.

She won awards in college for her creative design skills and was known for her timely and organized methods of working and creating goodwill in teamwork. She is used to multitasking and believes in an all round approach with leadership to face all odds with hard work and keeps courage to design unique and create in real what is on paper.

Mother to a daughter, her passions are driving and adventure in nature . Exploring new places, culture and people is her hobby and they have been the roots to the foundation of unique designs at Imprints Architects.

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