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Utsav - Celebration Of Music

“Utsav” – the house is named Utsav- celebration of Music. The family that stays here are not only fond of music but also have adopted music as their profession.

The client has all musical instruments and sometimes the performance is also done in the house. We have tried to highlight music as the concept in our design. Starting from the traditional beliefs of music we have touched all the different new perceptions and styles of music through various visual graphics and elements and made the circulation of the house as a journey of the same for the family.

Considering the Godess Saraswati as the godess of music.

So the entrance has the lotus graphic design on the main door, floor and ceiling of the foyer. To enhance this we have a water fountain with an aquarium with saraswati murti on it and a shlok which is at the back drop.

Just next to the entrance we have a mandir which has a jail with a design cutwork motif from the saraswati yantra. This jail separates the music room from the living.

The music room is on a platform which can be used as a stage which has a ceiling of people dancing on music and a customize curtain which has old tapes and reorders image on it. This room has a sliding opening into the living during a performance.

The living and dining have graphics on doors as well as motifs related to music on it.

There are two passages taking us to the rooms, which have family images. Some of them are performances they did but that could be optional.

The grandparent’s room has music with nature concept. The room is in green with curtain of plants motifs and the wall has a graphic drawn which shows birds on braches with sa re ga ma, the music notes added to it. This is hand painted by one of their close friend.

The son’s room is done with teenage influence of music. it is done on more of a rustic theme. It has white bricks on the walls with wooden looking furniture and galvanized pipe handles and fittings. this room gives he feel of a lounge where EDM music is played.

The master bedroom has a walk in wardrobe and a interesting graphic of all the form of music. This is a mirror which when back lighted shows the graphic and otherwise is just a is to say that music is magical.

We have an open kitchen opening into a dining area. This is opening into the main living with a swing in the middle. This swing has nice old brass fittings and is made with cutwork of lotus. This adds to the ethnic look of the entrance.

The house celebrates music in all its forms and eras so we have named it UTSAV, meaning celebration.

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