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Vietnam Ricefield Lodge

The Vietnam Rice field Lodge competition presents a space where the relationship between nature and humans can be experienced. The project highlights the uniqueness of the location and that it becomes a space where, on one hand, a Vietnamese family can continue with their daily life and on the other hand a tourist is able to learn and understand their culture. This is important since tourists from Europe or America visit constantly and are interested in immersing themselves in Asian culture and there is no better way to do so than living, cooking, or working with them.  The lodge is weaved in the contour in such a way that a tourist is within the fields and becomes the farmer himself. When the season changes the tourists do not just see the changes of colour but will observe and create a memory of it by being surrounded by the greens like a farmer does when he harvests his ripe crop fields. He will not only hear the rain far away but will listen and touch the water gathering around him just like a farmer works with his feet being soaked in water. The sun will come within the space direct and he will realize how the farmer's hat does wonders for him just like the same material roof does for the lodge. Instead of just clicking a photograph, a soul will be enlightened to write poetry of his experiences.

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